The grandfather, Antonio Tessari, in 1933 began the path of the winery, in a small place “the caneva” dug by hand and few tools, promoting the passion that already involved all the “Grisela”, nickname of the Family Tessari.

Aldo and Bianca, “father and mother” as the children call them, with many sacrifices developed the winery and transmitted the passion for Garganega, creating the first Recioto that still today the company produces.

The third generation, Antonio, Germano and Cornelia, has collected the legacy of their parents and the tradition of a family production, bringing the T.E.S.S.A.R.I wine in all continents, promoting the love for “tera” in the world.



Located at the foot of the hills of Monteforte d’Alpone, the cellar of the Tessari family has been operating since 2007. The structure is an ideal blend between functionality and tradition.

Spread over three floors, the cellar welcomes all the production stages, from vinification to marketing.

On the ground floor, we find the grape harvesting area, pressing and fermentation and winemaking tanks. The tanks are entirely made of steel and equipped with cooling plates which allow to control the temperature during all stages of vinification. Here bottling and bottling are also carried out.

The inner part, dug at the foot of the mountain, keeps wines at a constant temperature throughout the year. In the same area, we find a corner dedicated to the old vintages and the wine shop.

Walking up the staircase, let’s take a break to taste the wines and appreciate the local food in a relaxing atmosphere.

The second floor, finally, is studied for the drying of grapes destined for the production of Recioto. A small production, which takes place with the dehydration of the bunches carefully selected in September and crushed in February. The layout of the windows allows a natural passage of air from the Magnavacche hill on the back of the structure. The room takes the natural streams of air that are created between the plain and the hill, guaranteeing a slow and absolutely natural withering.


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