Tenuta Viglione

Tenuta Viglione

Tenuta Viglione Farm was founded with ancient peasant traditions and the viticulture of the Zullo Family which was born from the desire to nurture the enormous wine-growing potential of the area between the municipalities of Gioia del Colle (Ba) and Santeramo in Colle (Ba) of Puglia. Tenuta Viglione has been producing quality wines in these territories for decades.

The Zullo family produces characteristic wines of the area, whilst using techniques and the most productive & advanced methodologies – from the context of caring for land and grape, to the processing of the wine, the transformative phase, and it’s arrival to the bottle.

After many years, driven by his passion for the art of good wine, love for One’s own land and an attachment to the family and its origins, Giovanni Zullo (third generation of the Zullo family) is honoured to step up and continue to deepen the the quality of all aspects of Tenuta Viglione wines. Most recently, Giovanni has worked tirelessly to a process of restructuring and modernization of the ancient Masseria “viglione” which today represents the new characteristic setting of the family Farm.

The new farm ‘Tenuta Viglione’, located in “viglione” on the border between the provinces of Bari and Taranto, sits along the road axis of the ancient Via Appia, on the margins with the land of Matera and a latitude that is the highest of all the Territory.

The recent physical structure is characterized by a modern and technological cellar equipped with a very modern wine-making department with stainless steel tanks of small dimensions, dedicated to the fermentation of white wines, and maceration of the grapes used to create the ‘Rosati’ and Red wines. The refinement of the red wines takes place in a dedicated area, containing several barriques and barrels of noble French Oak.

The winery lies adjacent to the ancient masseria, which after a careful restoration, today opens to the hospitality of those who wish to enjoy the charm of a the beautiful sweeping scenery of this territory.


Today as yesterday, Tenuta Viglione farm aspires to increasingly ambitious goals and this is why it works in collaboration with the Institute of Viticulture of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bari in the production of an experimental Vineyard.

Tenuta VIglione

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