Fattoria Montecchio

Fattoria Montecchio

Montecchio´s Farm is the heart of a property of more than 279 hcts, in the oldest part of the Chianti Classico area, one of Tuscany’s most renowned territories, universally appreciated for its culture and art, not to mention the beauty of its landscapes and the century-old enogastronomic traditions.

At Montecchio the best clone selected Sangiovese grape represents the foundation of the amplographic structure; planted beside them are also international grapes for our Super Tuscans such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The secret of our terroir lies in the perfect balance of microclimate and soil, high day and night temperature differences and stony ground, which are conditions that allow producing truly matchless grapes and wines.

The grapevines are cordon trained, low and horizontally, with a limited number of buds per plant. To improve the ripening process it is fundamental to green harvest at the end of July, this process rebalances the production of the plant.

Hewn deep into the rock, unchanged over the years, the cellars are where the long and natural aging process of our wine take place. In these centuries – old cellars, using a method unchanged in over 400 years, “alla maniera antica”, the refermentation of the Chiantigiana takes place.

This gives our Chianti Classico a particular roundness of taste and an unmistakable vivacity, with a delicate perfume and a bright ruby red colour. The wine then rests for at least 3 years in oak barrels, refining its qualities to become a product of great elegance.

The traditional farmhouses, around the Villa, have been renovated to become a beautiful Agriturismo. “La Papessa”, built entirely in stone, is divided into two buildings, with a large park reserved in part to them. In our Agriturism there is a splendid swimming pool with sunbeds and umbrellas. An evening barbecue of Tuscan specialities is available in the park or wine tasting on the panoramic terrace or in the tasting room.

In a separate building there is the ancient Oil-Mill, where we are proud to produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from its 5000 centuries old olive trees.

Inside the property there are also natural parks, hunting areas, an old tower from the 900 and a kiln, which still produces precious hand-made “Terracotta”.


Fattoria Montecchio

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