Colomba Bianca

Colomba Bianca

Colomba Bianca is a Sicilian Vine Growers Cooperative located in Western Sicily, Italy. It was founded in 1970 and today is one of the biggest Sicilian Cooperative.

The company today, can count on 2500 partners and extends along 7500 hectars of vineyards with 5 wineries distributed in the whole territory. The vineyards can be found in areas which benefit of a vast pedoclimatic diversity, from the low coastal areas up to an altitude of 600 metres above sea level: chalky, clay and sandy soils.


Colomba Bianca is one of the biggest producer of organic wine in Europe with 1.800 ha of organic vineyards. The goal of the company is even bigger because we want to certify organic the same quantity within 4 years.

QUALITY is our strenght: we study deedly our terroir and each year we publish a book where all this findings are detailed in order to provide useful knowledge to farmers, oenologist, communicators and customers. Quality is the result of our researches (


The sustainability of our wines is not limited to the organic production but is extended to other concepts such as:

– Support to our winegrowers throughout the production cycle;
– The health of workers in the vineyard, guaranteed by the absence of pesticides in the organic vineyards;
– The health of consumers: the use of sulphites in Colomba Bianca wines is very limited in order to ensure greater digestibility of the same; the presence of sulphites in the organic wines is significantly lower than the legal limits;
– The enhancement and involvement of our territory with the book “Le uve raccontano” (
– Vegan certification of the wines.

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