Cavit (Italian acronym of Cantina Viticoltori del Trentino – Trentino Grape Growers’s Cellar) is a cooperative group uniting 10 Cellars of Trentino with overall 4,500 associated grape growers.
Today Cavit gathers, inspects and selects the wine produced in the associated cellars, supervising each phase: from refining to bottling, all within respect of the environment.

Cavit collaborates with the renowned Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige (Edmund Mach Foundation), which trains the most qualified technicians, as well as with other national oenological research centres.
The result is a quality which is being constantly praised in Italy and abroad.

Cavit’s history starts in 1950, when some vine-growers, aware of the uniqueness of their land and eager to valorise their products, entered into partnership, establishing a Consortium of associated grape growers, a first draft of Cavit.

The Consortium was born to help the associated wine cellars and promote the “culture” of quality wine throughout the region, supporting the vine-growers throughout each phase.

In 1957, the technical function was joined by the commercial function: the Consortium acquired a cellar for the increasing needs of its associates.

In 1964, today’s premises of Ravina di Trento was built, and then expanded starting in 1977 until it reached its 80,000 m2 of today.
Since then, Cavit has become the reference point for Trentino’s wine production. 

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