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Buccianera winery is situated on the hills beyond the city of Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. The winery counts about 60 hectares of vineyards and olive yards extended from 200 mt to 500 mt on the sea level. The name of the Company “BUCCIANERA” means “BLACK SKIN” and comes from our family’s nickname. Our grandfathers were called ‘Buccianera’ for the dark colour of their skin – they was so tanned from working in the vineyards under the sun every day. But Buccianera has a double meaning for us, because it also acts as a connection with the black skin of Sangiovese grapes that we produce.

Our philosophy is to achieve well-being, pleasure and serenity. This is what we try to do every day with our customers and consumers, and surround them with things of real, sincere, true quality.

Buccianera estate was purchased by the actual owner, the Mancini family, at the beginning of XX century, and is still a family-management company today. Our grandfather started by producing quality grapes for Chianti wine, and in the rebirth of Buccianera, we have started to produce owner-bottled Chianti wine.

In the vineyards the system of ‘Allevamenti’ is ‘Cordon’ (just for chardonnay we use the ‘Guyot’ method). The older vineyards are 30-34 years old, and there are 4000 plants for hectare. In the newer spaces, they range from 20 to 5 years old, and we have 5500 /6000 plants for hectare. The medium production of grapes is 60ql/ha. We produce especially Chianti DOCG, but we have other typical wines in production, red and white alike.

Our owners Anastasia, Alessia and Roberta manage Buccianera with great passion for nature and respect for the land. Our vineyards are organic from 2002, and beginning from vintage 2011, will produce also organic wines.

From the year 2004, Buccianera Estate has started a process of renewal. An example of this is a new modern and technological wine cellar. Our company’s concept is to use technology to increase the quality of production, but without giving up the ancient Tuscan traditions and ethos of wine making, which creates great wines that are appreciated world-wide.

Buccianera has begun in 2005 to export wines internationally, and we are growing in the world market steadily, thanks to the passion for our craft and the quality of our wines.

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