Birra Da Amare

Birra Da Amare

Our company name is BIRRADAMARE and you can call us either “birra da amare” (beer to love) or “birra da mare” (beer from the sea) indifferently.

Indeed, we set up business in 2004 on the Rome seaside thanks to Elio Miceli and Massimo Salvatori, our founders, and their love (and passion) for the beer they brewed at their Brew Pub in Ostia, on the Roman coast, right in front of the sea.

Then in 2005, due to the skills and experience we acquired but especially to our meeting with master brewer Ioan Bratuleanu, we began to expand our business and diversify our production.

In 2010, our customers’ preference and high demand for our beer lead us to open our factory in Fiumicino, in the province of Rome, just a few kilometres from Ostia, triumphantly entering the home-brewed beer market with our birradamare and Birra Roma labels.

Our beers are distributed throughout Italy and exported abroad, especially in Europe, the USA, Australia and Japan, proving that the choice to produce beer with passion and without “compromises” was worth the effort, our commitment and our sacrifices.

We underwent the last and most important transformation in 2012: we became an agricultural company able to monitor the entire production chain.

We are members of the Assobirra, Coldiretti and A.BI.Lazio sector associations to support all the initiatives tied to promoting home-brewed beer and sustain and employ certified Lazio farm production.

We are especially committed to supporting the “Bevi consapevole” (Drink intelligently) alcohol abuse program policy.

Birra Da Amare

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