Founded in 1997, the Bastianich winery, then formed solely of the Buttrio vineyards, marked the owner’s return to their origins, and a reappropriation of their territorial identity. An immigrant in the United States as a child, Lidia, and her son Joe, born in the U. S., lived their lives and realized their careers in the United States. In 2000 the beautiful Maremma winery joined the Bastianich universe: La Mozza. With perfect, sunny exposure of the vineyards, a microclimate and a soil particularly favorable to viticulture and an oenological team of the highest level, La Mozza immediately became appreciated as a prime example the Morellino di Scansano DOCG territory, while always looking beyond the stereotypical profile of the area. Despite the distance and the difficulties of the global markets, the two companies have forged ahead, making the very high quality of its wines and their image a valuable calling card and a consistant standard-bearer in the wine world. Many, in fact, are the awards by guides, magazines and sectoral tasters.



Mother and son, famous for their eclectic world-view, are not just restarateurs, television personlities and authors, but also lovers of wine and good-living in general. Their forsight has also allowed them to continually enlarge the scope of their passions and skills. The results are obvious to anyone familiar with their endeavors.



The Bastianich winery brand is bound to the family name, which has become synonymous with the development and realization of various projects, all of which are renowned for their quality, and their respect for culture and tradition. These endeavors are not only sucessful in terms of business, but also for the support and growth of their immediate neighborhoods, their employees, and the promotion of the culture of Italian wine and food.

The La Mozza winery brand comes from the name of the area in which the winery is located. A series of concentric squares symbolizes the continued focus on the Maremma terroir and on the Mediterranean character so well expressed in this fortunate little corner of Tuscany.


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